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Oct 4, 2023
CSU releases Best of Winners for the 2023 annual trial season

Colorado State University (CSU) highlights the winners of the 2023 annual trial season. CSU noted that this year presented as an “interesting growing season” along the Front Range. 

The votes were tallied from the evaluation day, which was held on Aug. 8 as well as evaluation week and second evaluation day on Sep. 8. Here are a few the 2023 winners, including Best of Show, Best New Variety and Best Novelty that grabbed attention this year. 

Best of Show – Dahlia Dahlegria Apricot Tricolor from Syngenta

This entry holds the distinction of winning the “Best of Show” from both the industry and public evaluations! This plant is stunning on many levels. Flowers are a stunning combination of fruit stand colors such as apricot yellow, raspberry as well as magenta. The dark foliage makes a beautiful plant even without the flowers but when combined it is truly fascinating. Single petals and a pretty yellow eye are also a favorite of bees. It was bred for mildew resistance.

Dahlia Dahlegria™ Apricot Tricolor from Syngenta Dahlia Dahlegria™ Apricot Tricolor from Syngenta

Best New Variety – Stonehedge Rose Bronze Leaf from Benary

Plants have excellent vigor, never look tired and keep looking better and better right up until first frost. The large plants are very uniform with bright rose-colored flowers held high above the foliage for maximum show. Stems were also noted to have a nice rosey hue that echos throughout the entire plant. The entire Stonehedge series was noted for superior performance and the breeder states even more colors will be coming soon.

Begonia - Stonehedge Rose Bronze Leaf from Benary Begonia - Stonehedge Rose Bronze Leaf from Benary

Best Novelty – Centaurea FanciFillers Chrome Fountain from Westhoff

Selected for great color and great foliage, this plant looks great all by itself or as a companion plant. The rosettes of leaves provide a medium to coarse texture and an overall appearance that always looks very fresh and crisp. As an additional bonus, it also heat and drought tolerant. Grown mainly as a foliage plant, it may have late blooming flowers that have an interesting appearance or may just be snipped off to maintain the uniform growth habit.

Centaurea FanciFillers™ Chrome Fountain from Westhoff

For more information on CSU trial gardens and its 2023 winners, visit flowertrials.colostate.edu.