Jul 15, 2020
EHR Releases 2020 California Spring Trials Report

Eason Horticultural Resources has released the 2020 edition of its California Spring Trials Report.

This year’s booklet was more of a challenge to produce since the Eason team didn’t get to travel to California and see the plants in person, but they worked with the breeding companies who provided images, descriptions, and stories about their newest intros. 

Compiled by members of the EHR office team with the input of the salespeople that contacted the breeding companies and sat in on their video conferences, this year’s edition features genetics from all of the breeding companies that would have normally hosted our team.

This is EHR’s 16th year producing a report on the California Spring Trials, and it has become a “must-have” for the independent grower because of their independent opinions and not being aligned with any specific genetics.

Anyone that would like to receive a printed version of the report can contact us at info@ehrnet.com.

For more information about EHR and our other publications, visit us at www.ehrnet.com.