Feb 21, 2024
Harrell’s gets new cooperative contract

Employee-owned Harrell’s has a new competitively solicited public sector contract with the City of Rochester Hills, Michigan, providing public sector agencies access through OMNIA Partners.

Harrell’s new cooperative purchasing contract is competitively solicited and publicly awarded. Public sector agencies and non-profit organizations can save time and money by skipping the RFP and bidding process to quickly access competitive pricing. 

Greg Nicoll, Harrell’s vice president of turf sales, has worked with OMNIA Partners for many years at Harrell’s and helped customers take advantage of their benefits in multiple organizations. Greg said, “Harrell’s is thrilled to announce our new contract through OMNIA Partners, continuing our commitment to providing streamlined and efficient product solutions for public agencies.” 

Over its 23 years, OMNIA Partners have developed a portfolio of over a thousand contract solutions with 94% of the population served through agencies using OMNIA Partners. Harrell’s continues their partnership with OMNIA Partners and deliver even more value, purchasing power, connection and service to customers alongside OMNIA Partners for years to come. Organizations can register for free here.

Please reach out to your local Harrell’s representative with questions about Harrell’s cooperative contract with OMNIA Partners and how it can provide added value to your organization. 

Contract Details: 

Groundskeeping materials: Fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide, grass seed and related items 

City of: Rochester Hills, Michigan

Contract Number: RH-23-037 

Initial Term: Dec. 1, 2023 through Nov. 30, 2026 

Renewal Options: Option to renew for one additional two-year period through Nov. 30, 2028