Les Serres Bertrand has its tomato greenhouse in Lanoraie, Québec.

Sep 27, 2023
Les Serres Bertrand selects Sollum Technologies for its greenhouse

Sollum Technologies, a company offering LED grow light solutions, has announced that Les Serres Bertrand has chosen to install its LED lighting.

Les Serres Bertrand will install Sollum’s lighting solution for its tomato greenhouse located in Lanoraie, Québec. This investment is the company’s first foray into LED technology.

Les Serres Bertrand is a dedicated family-operated business, with a facility in Mirabel as well as Lanoraie. It is well known for its commitment to local quality produce and innovative agricultural practices. With a storied history of growing the distinctive pink tomato, traditionally favored by Québec consumers, they produce 12 additional tomato varieties and products that are distributed in major grocery chains throughout the province.

“In our continuous quest for innovation and excellence, we see the adoption of Sollum’s LED grow light technology as a natural progression,” Stéphane Bertrand, owner of Les Serres Bertrand, said. “This isn’t merely about integrating LEDs; it’s about shaping the future of agriculture in Québec and delivering unparalleled quality to consumers who, more and more, favor local produce.”

“We’re excited that Les Serres Bertrand, a beacon of excellence in the greenhouse industry, has chosen our dynamic LED grow light solution to elevate their tomato cultivation,” Kassim Tremblay, vice president of business development for Sollum Technologies, said. “It’s a testament to the transformative potential of our technology and its synergy with sustainable farming. Our team of technicians, agronomists and horticultural specialists look forward to supporting Les Serres Bertrand’s transition to Sollum’s LED grow light solution from planning to harvest, to ensure that their objectives are fully met.”

For more information, visit sollum.tech.