Mar 11, 2024
IUNU helps growers streamline crop registration

IUNU’s latest research can help tomato growers streamline crop registration and improve efficiency. It dives deep into the limitations of traditional crop registration methods and offer insights to growers as a means to start a conversation across the industry.

Plants are the driving force of greenhouse operations, dictating  labor, forecasting and livelihoods while sustaining global food systems. Over the past 50 years,  advancements in technology have propelled growers to yield over 30 times more than their predecessors, ushering in a promising era for agriculture. Yet, two critical theories have emerged: the necessity of putting plants at the center of the growing process and the acknowledgment that crop uniformity is not automatic despite efforts to control genetic variables.  

In light of these insights, IUNU, a greenhouse technology company, is challenging conventional crop registration methods prevalent in greenhouse agriculture. Recognizing the pivotal role plants play and the limitations of current practices, IUNU advocates for a paradigm shift towards a more data-driven approach.  

Traditional manual methods of crop registration are increasingly inadequate in providing the  comprehensive insights essential for optimizing greenhouse crop production. In a recent article  published by IUNU titled: Crop Registration: A Compass for Crop Management, concerns were raised regarding the efficacy of these practices.  

Key points raised in the article and supported by IUNU include:  

  • Traditional methods of crop registration are not sufficient for understanding how plants respond to their environment due to high variability from plant to plant.  
  • Growers rely on crop registration to measure plant development, production and crop response to climate.  
  • Manual crop registration is time-consuming, expensive and prone to errors.  
  • Small sample sizes and infrequent measurements make crop registration data unreliable. This is the reason for many poor decisions made in greenhouses, not lack of talent.  

“We believe in a future where every grower is empowered to unlock the full potential of their greenhouse production,” IUNU said. “Our industry is rich with opportunities, yet limitations of resources and information can hinder progress. This is why we’re committed to making a difference.”  

Addressing these challenges, IUNU introduces a groundbreaking automated crop registration module within its LUNA platform, specifically designed for tomatoes. This innovative solution transforms crop registration practices, offering growers the power of real-time, comprehensive insights into plant growth and performance. These insights empower growers to optimize growing conditions, identify problems early, gain insights to drive decisions, and ultimately increase sell-through.  

“You no longer need to settle for outdated methods,” IUNU said. “A brighter path to achieving the insights you seek has arrived.”  

IUNU invites greenhouse growers to join the discussion on crop registration and explore how LUNA can help them with their operations. Meet IUNU at Indoor Ag-con Las Vegas or one of their many upcoming events.  

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