Oct 6, 2023
Van Belle Nursery celebrates 50 years

Van Belle Nursery celebrated its 50th anniversary on Sep. 20, 2023 by hosting over 100 partners for a day of tours of its nurseries followed by a garden party and dinner with live music. Guests included customers, vendors, agents and breeders from across North America and Europe.

“It was truly a pleasure and honor to celebrate our 50th with so many of the  important people who helped build our company. We’re so thankful for our partners from across the industry and also our internal partners, our team of dedicated staff,” Dave Van Belle, president, said. “They are the reason we’ve succeeded for fifty years and will have a chance to grow for another fifty years. The best part of business is the people and relationships—partnership wins!”

Partners who made the journey to Abbotsford, British Columbia enjoyed tours of many Van Belle operations, such as propagation including sticking robots, new genetics trials, The Bloomin’ Easy Show Garden, IPM with biological controls, sustainable growing and shipping solutions. The tours also included the Westbrook Skyline greenhouses, Lean Flow staging, the new product development studio, the short-run Print Shop and people and culture development.

Van Belle Nursery comprises Van Belle Youngplants, a propagation partner serving wholesale growers across North America and Van Belle Finished Plants. For more information, visit vanbelle.com.