Peppermint Ice Improved Hellebore

Nov 27, 2023
Little Prince of Oregon Nursery welcomes Winter Jewels Hellebores to its lineup

Little Prince of Oregon Nursery has welcomed Winter Jewels Hellebores to its lineup, carrying on the legacy of Ernie and Marietta O’Byrne. The O’Byrnes have been carefully growing, selecting, and improving this line of seed-grown Hellebore hybrids for over 30 years through Northwest Garden Nursery.

“Little Prince of Oregon Nursery is honored that Ernie and Marietta deem us worthy to carry on the legacy of the Winter Jewels Hellebores,” Mark Leichty, director of business development at Little Prince of Oregon, said. “We recognize that their diligent and patient work over many decades has created the most beautiful and desirable Hellebore hybrids found anywhere in horticulture. We plan to enlarge the program through careful selection and evaluation, providing even more improved varieties for Hellebore enthusiasts.”

Winter Jewels Hellebore

A polished presentation

“We are so excited because we are convinced that they will continue, and even improve, the quality that we have worked so hard to achieve in over 30 years of working with Helleborus × hybridus,” said Ernie and Marietta O’Byrne. “They are the first nursery that we have worked with that truly understands the dedication to meticulous detail that it took and will take going forward to preserve and improve the legacy breeding program that we have developed.”

Winter Jewels Hellebores are seed-grown with exacting standards to ensure steady improvement in features, including:

  • Upright stems with gently nodding flowers (to ensure a long-lasting, colorful display and protect the integrity of the breeding line)
  • Interesting coloration on the backs of tepals for enjoyment from all angles
  • Double flowers with evenly spaced tepals that look beautiful from above
  • Fine foliage that complements, rather than overwhelms the flowers
  • Deep, saturated, and even color in flowers


Improvements throughout the years have showcased the hybrids.

Peppermint Ice Improved

Peppermint Ice Improved Hellebore
Peppermint Ice Improved

Jade Tiger Improved

Jade Tiger Improved Hellebore
Jade Tiger Improved


If you’re interested in growing Winter Jewels, now is the time to pre-order liners for the 2024 through 2026 growing seasons for guaranteed availability. Pricing is the same for each variety, with one variety per 72 cell tray. For more information, visit

In addition to Winter Jewels liners, Little Prince of Oregon offers grower-ready young plants for shipping across the United States and Canada. Its focus is on unusual, rare and hard-to-find houseplants, perennials and natives.