Jan 4, 2024
Oglesby Plants International introduces a new caladium

Oglesby Plants International is introducing a new caladium at TPIE in January with unique characteristics that set it apart from most other caladium varieties. ‘Kaladium Fairytale Princess’, from breeding at the University of Florida, does not have a dormancy requirement like other caladiums, which means it can be grown year-round. Year-round growing gives commercial growers advantages in planning and production that get ‘Fairytale Princess’ into the marketplace at any time while traditional caladiums are tied to dormancy schedules. Liners will be available in limited quantities from Oglesby in 72-cell packs in January 2024. Availabilities will increase throughout the year and new foliage colors are expected in late 2024.

In addition to its groundbreaking aspect for year-round growing, ‘Kaladium Fairytale Princess’, Fairytale Princess ‘UF 4412’ (U.S. Patent PP25,612) has other notable characteristics that distinguish it, benefiting growers and consumers. Liners are grown directly from Oglesby’s tissue culture lab, providing clean, year-round starts. It produces few, if any, flowers that can disrupt leaf development. Natural branching is excellent, and no PGR applications are required to produce a full container. With fast finish times, ‘Kaladium Fairytale Princess’ is perfect for 4-8inch containers – 8-10 weeks in spring/summer and 14 weeks in fall/winter. For consumers, ‘Kaladium Fairytale Princess’ is a dream come true with striking red foliage and rich green borders. It stands up well as a traditional garden plant or an eye-catching interior foliage plant.

“At Oglesby, we have always felt that caladium was the perfect foliage plant; grower friendly, striking color combinations and great consumer recognition,” said Gary Hennen, president of Oglesby Plants International. “Unfortunately, tuber grown caladiums have high startup costs and seasonal requirements that are difficult to get around. Fairytale Princess is such a standout that we decided to give it a marketing name, Kaladium to say, I’m different! Tissue cultured Fairytale Princess greatly reduces input costs while giving foliage and outdoor growers a colorful product they can grow and sell year-round.”

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