Oct 13, 2023
PDSI partners with Linda Vater

Plant Development Services Inc. (PDSI), the garden industry business behind the brands like Southern Living Plant Collection and Encore Azalea, has announced a strategic partnership with renowned garden content creator Linda Vater. 

This collaboration highlights PDSI’s flagship brands in videos, new digital planting guides, newsletters, web articles and more. As people increasingly turn to social media rather than TV for entertainment, the partnership underscores PDSI’s leadership in embracing the evolving landscape of online garden education and inspiration.

This joint venture aligns with a key year of growth for Vater, author of The Elegant and Edible Garden, as she embarks on a high-visibility landscape renovation. After over 30 years living and gardening in a Tudor-style residence featured in Southern Living Magazine, Garden Gate Magazine, Victoria Magazine and other top publications, Vater has moved to the playfully titled “Cottage on the Hill,” in Oklahoma City. This new location, a blank canvas landscape, is being transformed into a fully realized garden masterpiece with plants from Southern Living Plant Collection and Encore Azalea. 

“With the launch of her highly anticipated new book, ‘The Garden Journal: A 5-Year Record of Your Home Garden,’ speaking engagements nationwide, and a significant online presence, Linda Vater is the perfect partner for PDSI during this exciting year of transformation,” Corrina Murray, director of marketing at PDSI, said.

Using plant lists, design guidance, tips and techniques, Vater will showcase the PDSI plants at the heart of the project across her popular social channels. Additionally, the partnership will leverage Vater’s boxwood design expertise to highlight PDSI’s new Better Boxwood brand as it hits the consumer market in Spring 2024.

The partners will produce a range of content spanning gardening guides, commercials, landscape product photos, and featured appearances in over 100 videos on Linda’s YouTube channel, which boasts over 163,000 followers and more than 41 million views to date.

“This partnership will help us foster stronger connections with gardeners of all levels by providing them with free inspiration and learning resources while shining a spotlight on trusted, high-performance plants,” Murray said.

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