Mar 19, 2024
Dramm, CE-Line patnership brings real-time nutrient testing

The Dramm Corp. announced their partnership with CE-Line to provide in-line nutrient testing of irrigation water in North America. 

CE-Line is a unique, laboratory quality, nutrient analysis system that automatically samples water throughout the day. This in-line testing solution provides accurate data within an hour, eliminating the wait for test results from a remote laboratory. Sample results are securely stored in the cloud with APIs available to connect to your climate control and fertigation systems. This connectivity allows for automated optimization of nutrient levels in real-time. 

CE-Line_Nutrient_AnalysisDiagram_DRAMM 2The CE-Line system schedules testing of different sources throughout the day, measuring both macro and micronutrients. NH4, K, Na, Mg, Ca, Cl, NO3, SO4, HCO3, PO4 Fe, B, Zn, Mn, Mo, and Cu can all be tested. CE-Line has automated the laboratory process of capillary electrophoresis to accurately measure these different nutrients. Each unit can take up to 8 different samples per day, from multiple sources, using a supply of reagents and cleaning solutions. 

Dramm will work as the North American partner for CE-Line, providing consultation, design services, installation support, replenishment supply and service for these systems.