Jan 27, 2021
Verdant Technologies Hires New VP of Sales

Verdant Technologies is starting the new year with a new executive team member, Vice President of Sales Scott Harker. His responsibilities will include managing customer relationships and product trials, bringing future products to current and developing key markets around the world and growing Verdan’s sales team. Harker joins the Verdant Technologies team with nearly 40 years of industry experience.

“Scott worked with Verdant in a consulting role in late 2020, and his work has already helped us advance customer engagement,” said Gordon Robertson, president of Verdant Technologies. “We are looking forward to Scott’s continuing contributions as we move forward into the market.

Harker has a remarkable history of industry successes in senior roles with AgroFresh Inc., Sinclair Systems and Crown Label. He has launched sales programs in North America, Australia and New Zealand, and managed key accounts across worldwide markets.

“My passion is helping people solve problems,” said Harker. “With Verdant, I am looking forward to meeting new customers, understanding the challenges they are facing in their industry and working with them to see how HarvestHold can address their challenges.

HarvestHold is one of Verdant Technologies’ solutions that will allow growers, packers, retailers and ultimately consumers to easily and safely delay the ripening process and extend the life of fruits, vegetables and flowers.

“This is a very exciting time to be part of the Verdant Technologies team. We have a strong team that understands the full potential of HarvestHold in this marketplace,” said Harker.

Harker will operate from his home office in Utah with regular visit to the company’s headquarters location in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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