Greenhouse Management

Techniques for Fighting Rising Energy Costs

The industry has seen a surge in growers upgrading their greenhouses to make them more efficient. Innovative companies recognize the need to invest in... more »

Greenhouse Weed Control Tips

The term "weed" is purely an economic expression that means "a plant out of place." If you don't want a particular plant to gr... more »

Grower 101: When Water Becomes an Issue

Growers have been using capillary mats for about 75 years. Initially, they were made of different types of fibrous wool or cotton, and more recently, ... more »

Media Selection — Reality Speaks

Growers are fortunate that plants are adaptable to a wide range of media combinations and properties. Every crop cannot be grown in the ideal mix unde... more »

Are You Ready For…

...The New Future?I attended a Distinguished Lecturer presentation at Texas A&M recently; the featured speaker was Anna Ball, president and CEO of the... more »

Handling Drainage Water

Water can create problems inside and around the greenhouse. Inside, keeping floors dry helps prevent accidents and lowers disease potential. Outside, ... more »

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