2016: Year of the Begonia

We all know that begonias are the landscape staple … from sun to shade, real estate installations to municipal plantings, they work. They work hard,... more »

Gardening Trends for the Eco-Conscious Consumer

In the age of greenwashing, it’s easy for consumers and growers alike to receive mixed messages on what “organic” means. Organic certifying age... more »

Natives: Kudos, Combos and Caveats

American gardeners are in a sweet, mad-about-you honeymoon phase with native plants, and for good reasons. Natives have been rising in popularity for ... more »

Connecting Breeders with Consumers Via the California Vegetable Trials

The April California Spring Trials event is a pilgrimage many in this industry make every spring to see the many splendored things of new variety intr... more »

Changing an Edibles Product Launch from Stressful to Successful

When it comes to scaring the pants off of somebody, there are a couple situations that rank up at the top. There's the old surprise public speakin... more »

Celebrating the Past, Present and the Future

I began my horticulture career in the early 80s at a time when we were just beginning to use computers to manage our businesses, fax machines were sti... more »

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