Kristopher Carlsson
40 Under 40, Class of 2022

Kristopher Carlsson


PanAmerican Seed

Job Title

Portfolio Manager


  • Kris takes great pride in teambuilding and the hiring and development of the teams he has worked with at Ball FloraPlant and PanAmerican Seed.
  • Helps develop customer-based solutions with the new products he’s helped introduce and then enjoys seeing those products make an impact in the industry “by adding color to the world of horticulture.”


A Man of Many Talents: Kris is a classically trained pianist and can play many other instruments. He also enjoys working with art glass to make stained glass products and “I can drink a quart of egg nog in less than 60 seconds.”

Fun Facts

In His Spare Time: Kris enjoys watching TV shows about car restoration, doing DIY home improvement projects, exercising and gardening.