Mist ‘R Drench Sprayers By Neda Simeonova

Growers evaluate how this product worked for their companies.

Siebring Manufacturing’s, George, Iowa, line of Mist ‘RDrench Sprayers–one of three lines of sprayers offered by Siebring–is highlymaneuverable and features constant agitation for wettable powders in the tank.The sprayers are built to serve a wide range of greenhouse or nurseryoperations, and the versatility of being gasoline or electric powered makes thesprayers suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Because selecting dependable and long lasting equipment is akey factor for a successful business, we asked growers to evaluate and sharetheir experiences with Mist ‘R Drench Sprayers.


Pressure. The Mist’R Drench line of sprayers features tank sizes from 55-200 gal. and pressure of800 PSI–making them suitable for any size operation. “We have a Mist ‘RDrench 50-gal. sprayer,” said Tom McElroy, president/treasurer of NewtonGreenhouse, Newton, N.H. “They have really high pressure, which allowsgrowers to get good coverage on the plants. The pressure can be adjusted withjust the flip of a valve, and pressure can be changed from high to relativelylow so growers can drench pot by pot.”

According to Doug Barrow, production manager of Gro N-Sell,Chalfont, Pa., the sprayer’s high pressure has helped with the reduction ofchemical costs. Barrow said they currently have three Siebring sprayers: TwoMist ‘R Drench 55- and 200-gal. sprayers and one Fox 35-gal. sprayer. “Ilike Siebring’s sprayers mainly because of the high pressure. They havevariable, adjustable nozzles, and growers really like that because if they needto get the back of the bench, they can adjust the nozzle to shoot much further.When spraying outdoors, growers can lower the pressure to get larger-sizedroplets, and they don’t have to worry about drift as much.”

Maneuverability.Mist ‘R Drench Sprayers are designed with a towing tongue and 10-inch balloontires, ensuring an easy roll on gravel or concrete surfaces. “Thesesprayers are very easy to pull,” said Mike Drimes, personnel productionassistant of Swift Greenhouses, Gilman, Iowa. “We have 60-gal. Mist ‘R DrenchSprayers. They are not wide, and even with a heavy spray load, they are able togo down a narrow aisle and turn corners easily.”

Agitation. Thesprayer’s tank has constant agitation for wettable powders, which keeps thechemicals from settling during spraying. “We haven’t had a problem withthe settling of chemicals,” McElroy said. “The material isrecirculating as you are spraying, and the sprayer does a good job of keepingthe spraying mix uniform.”

Maintenance and Service

Purchasing durable equipment is always a big concern forgrowers, but according to Siebring, Mist ‘R Drench Sprayers are specificallydesigned for heavy-duty use and are built to last.

“Maintenance is relatively simple; if valves areinstalled properly and the machine is flushed after each use, there shouldn’tbe any problems,” Barrow explained. “We have used these sprayers forat least 10 years, and we’ve never had any problems with them.”

According to McElroy, the sprayers are very durable and havereliable motors and tanks. “We have never had a tank leak. It also hasgrading lines on it so you can see the level of liquid in the tank, and it isvery easy to drain.” McElroy added that he is particularly happy with thesprayers’ hose quick coupling fittings because they allow for fast and easymaintenance.

In addition, the sprayers are very easy to clean. A tankshutoff valve allows reclaiming of excess chemicals and permits cleaning of thehose and pump with chemical still in the tank.

“In general, we haven’t had any problems with thesprayers, and Siebring is very easy to work with,” Drimes said. Heexplained that at one point they had purchased a sprayer with arectangular-shaped tank and square legs on the bottom. However, Drimesexplained that they preferred the round-shaped tank because it is easier toutilize the entire chemical mix. “Siebring was really good to work with;we just gave them a call, and they replaced it with a round tank.”

Final Thoughts

With gas or electric motor options and tanks ranging from55-200 gal., Mist ‘R Drench Sprayers are suitable for any size grower. Sprayerscan be customized with various options, such as electric take up hose reels,25- to 300-foot-long custom hoses, adjustable nozzle and others.

“Siebring’s equipment is not necessarily the cheapest,but it’s always very well made, and we have always gotten substantial life outof it. We have had several of these sprayers for about 15-20 years, and wewouldn’t want to be without them,” McElroy said.

Neda Simeonova

Neda Simeonova is associate editor for GPN. She can be reached by phone at (847) 391-1013 or E-mail at nsimeonova@sgcmail.com.

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