Thevi, yield forecasting software for lettuce growers, from Certhon.

New yield forecasting software for lettuce

Certhon launches a lettuce yield forecasting software, called Thevi, that gives 95% accuracy.  Thevi, a yield forecasting software package, gives lettuce growers the certainty to plan effectively, make informed decisions and optimize pricing strategies. Certhon... more »

Bloomin’ Easy gives consumers AR experience with top varieties

Bloomin’ Easy is the first ornamental plant brand to give consumers the ability to use augmented reality (AR) to experience top varieties in any space on their mobile device. The brand went live with AR... more »

Irrigating with technology

Well-designed irrigation systems can help increase efficiencies in greenhouses and nurseries with labor savings and optimizing water delivery for plant growth. Automation provides a systematic and reliable way of delivering water while pairing irrigation with... more »

What’s your lighting strategy?

Now that the darkest days of winter are behind us and we are gaining more sunlight with each day, let’s talk about greenhouse lighting.  Lighting is not just about the efficacy of your equipment, it’s... more »

Shaping the future

Heading into 2024, greenhouse growers are poised to utilize more innovation than at almost any time during the last few decades, as AI is quickly transforming the industry. AI is taking greenhouse management to a... more »

Striving for optimal greenhouse control

After labor costs, energy is typically the second largest expense in greenhouse crop production. Mechanization and automation can help reduce labor requirements as long as the technology is cost-effective. The economics of such technology investments... more »

University of Florida Climate Management Course

University of Florida launches climate management course

A new climate management online course — starting Oct. 16 — has been added to the Greenhouse Online Training series from The University of Florida IFAS Extension (UF). Climate Management will take your environmental control... more »

40 Under 40 Perspectives article graphic

Forty Under 40 Perspectives: Using digital technology effectively

In an era where our lives are increasingly digitalized, the importance of fostering a deep connection to plants and nature cannot be overstated. As people spend more time in front of screens, they risk becoming... more »