Shaping the future

Heading into 2024, greenhouse growers are poised to utilize more innovation than at almost any time during the last few decades, as AI is quickly transforming the industry. AI is taking greenhouse management to a... more »

Striving for optimal greenhouse control

After labor costs, energy is typically the second largest expense in greenhouse crop production. Mechanization and automation can help reduce labor requirements as long as the technology is cost-effective. The economics of such technology investments... more »

University of Florida Climate Management Course

University of Florida launches climate management course

A new climate management online course — starting Oct. 16 — has been added to the Greenhouse Online Training series from The University of Florida IFAS Extension (UF). Climate Management will take your environmental control... more »

40 Under 40 Perspectives article graphic

Forty Under 40 Perspectives: Using digital technology effectively

In an era where our lives are increasingly digitalized, the importance of fostering a deep connection to plants and nature cannot be overstated. As people spend more time in front of screens, they risk becoming... more »

GPN August issue Chat Room Infographic

Chat Room — August 2023

This month, we asked you, our readers, about controlled environment technology, greenhouse lighting systems and climate control options. Take our current Chat Room survey here. For an enhanced reading experience, view this article in our... more »

VINE Validation of Innovation Program opens applications for startups

The VINE, an initiative by the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources, is now accepting applications for its VINE Validation of Innovation Program (VIP). The program aims to support innovation in the agri-tech sector,... more »

Keeping up with technology

I wanted to find out more about what growers should be considering when adding or updating lighting so I reached out to Michael Hanan, sales director at Sollum Technologies for the U.S. market. He has... more »

FIRA USA presents ag robotic solutions and demos

After the first edition of FIRA USA in Fresno last year, 2,000 participants and ag leaders will gather at the Salinas Sports Complex from Sept. 19-21 for FIRA USA 2023, the largest global event on... more »