Vapor Static Extraction System

Dec 11, 2021
Boulder Creek Technologies Unveils Vapor-Static Extraction System

Colorado-based technology company Boulder Creek Technologies has announced new nationwide availability for its revolutionary Vapor-Static Extraction system. This sustainable system applies proven industrial processes to large-scale cannabinoid extraction that reduces operating costs by 80% over contemporary extraction methods.

Vapor-Static Extraction provides a turnkey solution for manufacturing distillation-ready concentrates by utilizing an all-in-one, continuous process for operators to convert biomass to oil. The process starts by acting similarly to a giant digital vaporizer, heating biomass to generate vapor. It is then cooled and becomes a fog, at which point an electrostatic charge is utilized — similar to current industrial emission pollution-control methods — to produce a distillation ready concentrate with no sugars, no chlorophyll and low wax content

“The solventless Vapor-Static Extraction method is exactly what the cannabis industry needs right now because it allows for greater safety, efficiency and sustainability,” said Rick Bonde, CEO and co-founder of Boulder Creek Technologies. “With a top extraction efficiency of 90% and only needing one operator to use, Vapor-Static Extraction has a compact footprint that’s designed to scale. The concentrated oil created may not require winterization, and compostable biomass further reduces costs for operators.”

Boulder Creek Technologies offers different models for different needs, from craft extraction to multistate operators. System capabilities start at 100 pounds of biomass processing per day, up to more than 5,000 pounds.


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