Nov 12, 2020
Danziger Launches Cut Flowers Catalog for 20-21 Season

With more than 60 novelties, three brand new series, 18 crops and 300 varieties, Danziger is launching its new 20-21 cut flower catalog. The catalog can be downloaded directly at

Danziger Cut Flower CatalogDanziger’s new catalog also includes a whole new chrysanthemums portfolio strategy under the slogan: “We grow emotions.” As part of the new portfolio strategy, Danziger divided its mums assortment into seven different collections — each expressing some kind of emotion experienced when receiving or buying flowers. Click here to view the full story.

“As leading breeders, this is our obligation to keep bringing innovation to the market. Through innovative floriculture, creative collaboration and a spark of imagination, we strive to develop extraordinary varieties that help our customers achieve extraordinary success,” said Anat Moshes, vice president, cut flowers sales at Danziger. “This year, we’ve included even more creative solutions that will bring value added to everyone in the entire value chain, including the retailers.”

The 20-21 introductions include the following new series:

Gloss – A new type of carnation hybrid that introduces bright color assortment with a more attractive foliage appeal and a rare combination of good ratio between the volume and the weight of the stems, long vase life (16 to 18 days) and fragrance.

Gloss carnation

Bon Bon Scoop – Scabiosa Scoop answers the global trend of rich, cushion style flowers. This unique, different, full of color and very versatile flower can be used in any arrangement at any stage — closed, open or even after all leaves have fallen.

Paintball Poppy – A new Craspedia variety that was added to the Paintball series. It features a unique oblong inflorescence shape with a great size of 4 cm in length and 3 cm in diameter. These strong stems that stand erect have a very uniform growth and are easy to harvest.

As part of the new chrysanthemum portfolio, Danziger introduces 25 new varieties to be added to its assortment this coming season. Among these wonderful flowers are: Amor Amarilla (Daisy collection) with its amazing green center and an attractive bright yellow color of petals. Pasión de Manzana (Cusion collection), an innovative and unique variety with flowers of three colors. Pasión Sunset, which as a real wow effect with its very attractive orange color and high number of flowers per stem (six to eight).

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