Danziger roses

Mar 11, 2021
Danziger Launches Rose Collection

Danziger has announced the launch of its new SENTI Roses assortment as an opportunity to generate added value for growers around the world.

SENTI, derived from the Latin translation to feel and experience, is the name Danziger sentimentally chose for its new rose brand. In an announcement, the organization believes “it is truly fitting, reflecting the very essence of roses and their special role in our lives — expressing sentiments of love, passion, romance, empathy, excitement, and sometimes sadness and longing.”

Gaby Danziger, CEO, said, “With a well-established reputation in the fields of fillers, in recent years we have turned our attention to focals, and rorses were the natural continuation. We are excited to enter the beautiful and challenging world of roses. This is another opportunity for us to harness our experience and resources in genetics, production and service — to drive success throughout the entire supply chain.”

Danziger worked to find, select and purchase the finest rose genetics from Gefa Rosen in Hamburg, Germany. This 60-year-old company, owned by Klaus Geereking, has a substantial experience with growing and breeding of roses. Like Danziger, Klaus founded as a family company in 1961 that grew and developed into an exceptional breeder dedicated to constant innovation and provision of the finest value to growers and customers.

SENTI rose - Danziger
‘SENTI Dark Pink’

“Purchasing rose genetics from Klaus enables us to benefit from the valuable advantages of proven genetic load, extensive familiarity with market needs, as well as reliable plant material,” said Danziger.

This foundation of rose varieties will be backed by local Danziger teams around the world, as well as by the company’s advanced breeding and propagation facilities, and their R&D department.

Danziger’s internal breeding process has highlighted several rose varieties that will be presented and offered for trials to be conducted by rose growers in both Colombia and Ecuador during the company’s Open Days.

Some of the highlighted varieties are:

  • ‘SENTI Dark Red’ — With excellent opening and thick petals
  • ‘SENTI Yellow’ — Soft yellow rose, with good basal production and long stems
  • ‘SENTI Dark Pink’ — With a bright color, good opening and no thorns
  • ‘SENTI Light Peach’ — With extra-long stems, symmetrical opening and very few thorns

The first Open Days will take place in Ecuador (March 17-31) and Colombia (March 16-25). Danziger will also extend to Kenya, where they now have three rose greenhouses.

For more information and to view product presentations, click here.