Feb 6, 2024
Gowan acquires global rights to active ingredient

Gowan Crop Protection Limited, an affiliate of Gowan Company, L.L.C., announced recentlythat it has entered into agreements with Syngenta Crop Protection AG to acquire global rights to the active ingredient cyromazine. The acquisition includes product registrations and trademarks, including TRIGARD and LEPICRON, and related intellectual property and labels. The acquisition excludes the trademark CITATION for use on ornamentals. The transaction closed on Dec. 28, 2023, although Syngenta and Gowan will work together over the next several months to facilitate an orderly transition to maintain quality customer service in all geographies. U.S. crop protection and seed treatment product transfer will commence in a few years. The financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Cyromazine is an IRAC Group 17 insecticide that acts as a moulting disruptor in Dipteran. Species such as leaf miner are a significant pest in the main vegetables worldwide. Cyromazine has been a current tool for thousands of farmers with a unique mechanism of action and a soft profile for non-target organisms.

A cornerstone of Gowan’s Muddy Boots philosophy is to support growers and distribution partners in meeting the challenges of controlling destructive weeds, insects, or pathogens infesting crops. Gowan believes this acquisition will enhance its core product offering in vegetables and allow the company to serve growers’ needs better in these crops.

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