Schoneveld Breeding FlowerTrials

Jun 15, 2021
Schoneveld Breeding Debuts FlowerTrials Video

The FlowerTrials are completely online this year. Schoneveld Breeding understands that you do not want to be attached to a screen all day. That is why they made a short video that gives a little look behind the scenes. In just 8 minutes you quickly get an idea of the added value Schoneveld offers in the field of breeding, marketing and sales support. Anywhere and at any time.

Among other things, the Super Serie Leopardo is in the spotlight. This large-flowered cyclamen is a heat-tolerant powerhouse that completes Schoneveld Breeding’s cyclamen range. You can now find a mini, midi or large-flowered cyclamen from Schoneveld Breeding year-round. In the video, breeder Marleen explains how the strong genetics of the Leopardo was bred.

Schoneveld Breeding offers added value in various areas. For example, the growing support staff is always available to grow together to the best breeding results. In addition, Schoneveld Breeding has inspiration and marketing concepts for all their customers. In the FlowerTrials video, you will discover more about their added value based on the story of growing supporter Ton. Schoneveld Breeding also provides inspiration in the video with two arrangements with the Leopardo.

To access Schoneveld Breeding’s FlowerTrials video, click here.