Jul 10, 2023
Sustainable Agro Solutions acquires Biovert

Sustainable Agro Solutions (SAS) announces the acquisition of Biovert, a company dedicated to the research, manufacturing, and marketing of biostimulants, biocontrols, and specialty solutions for advanced plant nutrition in the agricultural sector under the brand: manvert.

As a result, SAS platform is now able to create synergies within itself and be able to be more influential and firmer in its position. This will also help reenforce its expansion project breaking ground in 2021 when SAS was acquired by the venture capital firm Stirling Square Capital Partners who specializes in capital investment.

In the words of our CEO, Mr. Eduard Vallverdú said, “We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Biovert, a company close to SAS both in proximity and culture, and who formulates a set of technologies complementary to our own. Biovert has a broad portfolio of high-quality products including algae extracts, an area of strategic interest for our business, and extensive knowledge in the biostimulant sector. They also have a leading position in organic solutions. Biovert has experience and a committed management team that has a clear strategic vision and has fostered a work culture based on innovation and excellence. I am looking forward to our respective teams working together with the aim of reinforcing our long-term strategy.”

The acquisition of Biovert provides SAS platform with a great opportunity for growth, with which to maintain a leadership position in the agricultural sector, reinforce its long-term strategy and facilitate sustainability as an essential pillar in its philosophy.