Feb 16, 2024
Terra Nova Nurseries introduces anemone ‘Harlequin Cameo’

Terra Nova Nurseries announced a sneak peek of its brand-new anemone ‘Harlequin Cameo’. This deciduous variety features leathery, deep green foliage that forms a perfect mound in spring and summer, followed by an explosion of bright pink, fluted flowers. 

‘Harlequin Cameo’ grows with a clumping habit at a medium rate and is a strong pollinator attractor. The new perennial prefers average, well-drained to moist soil and full sun or partial shade. ‘Harlequin Cameo’ blooms from July to October and its flowers are held in a perfect bouquet during its bloom time. 

Terra Nova’s breeding team recommends keeping Cameo evenly moist during finishing time in greenhouses and well-drained once planted in the garden. The new anemone variety grows most actively in the summer, reaching a height of 14 inches, width of 18 inches and a flower height of 26 inches.

Finishing growers can expect the finish time from a liner to a 4-inch pot to be six to eight weeks. Finish time from a liner to a 1-gallon pot is 12-14 weeks. USDA Zones for this new series are 4-9. 

Terra Nova Nurseries has created a “Plant Profile” page and “Grower Recipe” specific to this new variety, so growers interested in orders can learn about growing habits, plant characteristics, fertilization recommendations, water requirements, and other insights provided by the breeding team. These documents can be viewed and downloaded for printing at: terranovanurseries.com/product/anemone-harlequin-cameo. 

Finishing growers can contact their Terra Nova Nurseries representatives or email the sales team at sales@terranovanurseries.com.

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