The Finances of Automation

Since we are now in the prime season for purchasing automation equipment, it is time to address some of the concerns growers have about plunging into ... more »

Mist ‘R Drench Sprayers

Siebring Manufacturing's, George, Iowa, line of Mist 'RDrench Sprayers--one of three lines of sprayers offered by Siebring--is highlymaneuverable and ... more »

Nexus Greenhouse Systems: The XY System

This automated system allows a grower to know where every plant, flat or bench is located on this grid and to quickly access product using grid-based ... more »

Grower 101: Heating Systems–Maintenance Pays

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, natural gasprices will triple this winter. (For more information see Headlines in theAugust 2003 issue of ... more »

The XY System, Part II

My previous article (June 2003 GPN) described a new piece ofautomation recently put into operation: the XY system. The specific growing rangeI describ... more »

Subirrigating Seed Geraniums with Bonzi

A number of new and innovative methods of applying plantgrowth regulators (PGRs) have gained EPA approval in recent years. PGRs may beapplied by "spre... more »

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