May 20, 2016
BASF to Introduce New Fungicide

At Cultivate’16, BASF plans to formally launch its new Orkestra Intrinsic fungicide.

BASF hosted a special Innovation Summit of growers, academics, consultants and trade media in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, earlier this month to provide a preview of Orkestra Intrinsic.

The fungicide contains a new BASF active ingredient, Xemium, which is a succinate-dehydrogenase inhibitor and a Group 7 fungicide.

Orkestra has two classes of chemistry assigned by the Fungicide Reistance Action Committee (FRAC) — pyraclostrobin (translaminar) and fluxapyroxad (translaminar and through the xylem).

According to the company, Orkestra will provide preventative, early curative and residual protection against ornamental diseases. BASF reports that it controls 48 genera of plant pathogens.

The combination of the two active ingredients and their dual modes of action provide better efficacy and resistance management making it a good rotation partner for fungicide resistance management.

It has been approved for both foliar and soil application.

The premix fungicide also delivers plant health benefits including greater photosynthetic efficiency and stronger roots that promote resilience to things like drought and extreme temperatures.

Orkestra Intrinsic is currently not available for purchase but is expected to be formally introduced later this year.

You can learn more about Orkestra Intrinsic at Cultivate’16 in July in Columbus, Ohio.