Oct 13, 2022
Enter Your New Genetics Into the AAS 2023 Trials

All-America Selections (AAS) is inviting all breeders and breeding companies to submit their new genetics into the 2023 Trials. A membership is not necessary to enter and there are six trial categories to choose from:

1. Ornamentals from seed, trialed in-ground (annuals or first-year performance for perennials)
2. Ornamentals from seed, trialed in containers
3. Ornamentals, non-seed, trialed in-ground (annuals or first-year performance for perennials)
4. Ornamentals, non-seed, trialed in containers
5. Edibles, trialed in-ground
6. Edibles, trialed in containers

Utilizing the AAS Trials can help increase sales, visibility within the industry, and provides industry and consumer marketing support. Learn more here.