From the Start: Keeping it Clean

We have all heard the phrase “You have to start clean to end clean.” There are many ways to approach this. A regular routine of best practices along with integrated pest management (IPM) can achieve... more »

Colorado Updates Pesticide List For Cannabis Production

The Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) has updated its list of pesticides that can be used on cannabis without being a violation of the Pesticide Applicators' Act. Please note the following products have been added:... more »

Desert Aire Introduces GrowAire With VPDsync For Grow Rooms

Desert Aire has introduced its new GrowAire with VPDsync command environmental control to the indoor controlled environment agriculture market. "Desert Aire has designed GrowAire with VPDsync command environmental control to meet the control needs of... more »

Sensaphone Soil Moisture Sensor Improves Irrigation Management

The Sensaphone Soil Moisture Sensor helps cannabis growing facility personnel manage irrigation more efficiently. The sensor measures water content in soil and other growing media so that users can be alerted when moisture conditions fall... more »

P.L. Light Systems Releases Cannabis Cultivation Guide

A new Cannabis Cultivation Guide from P.L. Light Systems features the latest knowledge on cannabis cultivation in relation to the light environment. With a rapidly expanding legal cannabis market in North America, there has been... more »

Sensaphone 1800 System Provides Remote Environmental Monitoring

The new  Sensaphone 1800 system allows users to remotely monitor for changes in environmental conditions that can harm plants or indicate a malfunction of critical equipment. The Sensaphone 1800 system is a cost-effective monitoring solution... more »

Conception Nurseries Raises $12M For Sacramento Cannabis Facility

Conception Nurseries, a provider of tissue culture technology to the cannabis industry, has raised more than $15 million with the addition of approximately $12 million in its Series A round. The proceeds will be used... more »

Finding Safe Genetics as a Finished Cannabis Grower

Not all states or countries are created equal in the cannabis industry. Regulations can be tough to navigate depending on which state you are doing business in. Most states have a strict state-run tracking system... more »

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