Maximizing the greenhouse

Manufacturing greenhouse automation systems since 1985, Climate Control Systems Inc. has three flagship products helping growers maximize crop yields, improve water conservation and energy efficiency for commercial greenhouse operations across the globe. The company provides... more »

cannabis lighting in a Prospiant greenhouse

7 Considerations for Optimizing Cannabis Cultivation in a Greenhouse

Designing and building your cannabis cultivation facility is more than just the structure itself. Making sure the growing environment you choose is ideal for your crop is equally important; it takes careful, consistent effort in... more »

Climate Optimization for Cannabis

Indoor cultivation has several advantages when it comes to cannabis production, but, at a broad level, the No. 1 advantage is the ability to manipulate the environment. GPN reached out to Brandy Keen, co-founder and... more »

Cannabis & Hemp Tips for Greenhouse and Field Cultivation

The cannabis industry is still a new market, and with that come several challenges and opportunities. Fellow growers who are navigating these waters on a day-to-day basis offer the best insights into crop production and... more »

Hydramax cannabis

Cannabis Grow Trial Sees Water, Nutrient Savings

With a commercial cannabis operation, variable overhead costs can quickly eat into profits. A recent trial looked at the advantages of HydraMax recirculating deep water culture (RDWC) systems from Hydra Unlimited. In the trial, a... more »

LEDs cannabis lighting

LED Usage Reaches Record Highs in Cannabis Cultivation

Fluence-supported research has now been released as part of the seventh-annual “State of the Cannabis Lighting Market” report by Readex Research. Results from the 2022 report demonstrate the increasing usage of LED lighting technology across... more »

Hero Technologies Sees Strong Growth Prospects in Michigan Cannabis Market

Hero Technologies, a cannabis company focused on a "seed-to-sale" vertical integration strategy, announced its subsidiary, BlackBox Systems and Technologies LLC, continues to project aggressive growth for its planned cannabis operations in Michigan. Michigan's legal marijuana... more »

Livewire Ergongenics

Estrella River Farms Obtains 9 Additional Cannabis Licenses

Livewire Ergogenics Inc.'s affiliate Estrella River Farms has been approved for nine additional cultivation licenses from the California Department of Cannabis Control for the expansion of the cultivation area on Estrella Ranch by two additional acres.... more »

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