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Editor’s Letter: Labor updates By Heather Machovina

Read more about GPN's labor survey and how growers are dealing with current issues, and don't miss the natural control tips from BioWorks and Dr. Bugs.

Labor challenges continue in the industry. We wanted to find out how growers are currently holding up and what they are doing to combat the issues. 

GPN’s labor survey report found that 45% of participants did not have enough labor in 2023. Read more about how this is affecting business and what adjustments growers are making. 

The final report from the Agricultural Labor Working Group (ALWG) by the House Agriculture Committee was released and Matt Mika, vice president of advocacy and government affairs for AmericanHort, gives us an update on progress and politics. 


Incorporating biologicals for pest and disease management in the greenhouse helps reduce the amount of chemicals being sprayed and can lower chances of insecticide resistance. The team at BioWorks discusses biofungicides, bioinsecticides and microorganisms, and vital details about each to be successful integrating them into your program. 

And don’t miss this month’s Dr. Bugs column for another tool in your box for Western flower thrips control using a biological control agent. Learn about the commercial availability of this predatory mite for greenhouse use. 


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