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May 10, 2024
Dümmen Orange has sustainability goals

Growing Together 2024 is a publication from Dümmen Orange discussing the company’s continuous sustainability efforts. Using a number of concrete examples, the magazine shows how and where Dümmen Orange is working to achieve the ambitious sustainability goals that the company has set for itself.

Dümmen Orange’s sustainability strategy revolves around three key areas:

Environment, with an emphasis on minimizing ecological impact;

Social, with an emphasis on the well-being of employees and the communities in which the company operates; and

Technological development, which focuses on investments in research and technology that drive sustainable progress across the value chain.

As a breeder, the company’s focus is on the development and commercialization of stronger, disease-resistant flower and plant varieties. This is done under the Intrinsa label. Intrinsa, developed at Dümmen Orange’s Breeding Technology Center in the Netherlands, uses natural genetics for traits such as disease resistance, better plant performance and improved plant resilience to develop crops for a more sustainable future.

Ellen Mackenbach-Lakeman, chief human resources officer (and responsible for sustainability at Dümmen Orange) said, “We are strongly committed to encouraging sustainability and promoting responsible business practices throughout the value chain. We don’t just do this with Intrinsa. We also pay attention to the sustainability of our own business processes. This involves, for example, reducing CO2 emissions, maintaining healthy and safe working conditions at our propagation locations in Africa and Central America, and properly organizing and controlling processes and working methods. A good example of the latter is Integrated Pest Management, the integration of environmental, biological and safe chemical practices to control insects.”

In recent years, Dümmen Orange has provided extensive insight into its sustainability ambitions, activities and results through annual reports. Mackenbach-Lakeman said, “As a result of the upcoming European guidelines, this annual reporting now becomes part of our financial annual report. We just don’t want to stop there and are committed to show current developments to a broader group of interested parties – not just to readers of financial annual reports. That is why we developed this magazine.”

The magazine can be found on the Dümmen Orange website: Growing Together 2024.